Building Permits

Building Permits

Payment for permits may be made by mail, over the phone or by stopping by City Hall during business hours, The City of Robins accepts cash, checks and credit cards as payment. Permits are NOT ISSUED until payment is received. Payments may be filled out electronically and submitted to one below:

Cosesco Permit Application

The City of Robins is in the middle of a multi-year process to implement new programs to control storm water pollution and preserve our natural water supply. Pollutants in storm water runoff adversely impact our lakes, streams, rivers and drinking water. This is generally a greater concern in growing communities such as Robins.

Storm Water Advisory Committee:

Supt. Of Public Works/Bldg. Official

Mike Kortenkamp


Kelli Scott

Council Person

Roger Overbeck

While most of the new programs are focused on addressing concerns relating to new development, there are several things each resident can do to help improve water quality including:

  • Wash your car at a carwash or on the lawn, not in the driveway
  • Re-direct roof drains to gardens or other vegetated areas
  • Properly dispose of all hazardous household waste
  • Minimize use of fertilizers
  • Clean up after your pets

If you notice a storm water pollution concern, please call the Storm Water Hotline at (319) 393-0588