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Robins, Iowa, the third largest city in Linn County in terms of area, is a welcoming small town ideal for family life. Located four miles north of Cedar Rapids, Robins has more than 3,440 residents, and it’s always growing! Browse the pages on this website to learn more about living and/or building a home in Robins, visiting Robins, locating a business in Robins and much more. Scroll down the page to see the most recent events, activities and news.



Derecho Storm Video - Video clip and still pictures created by Stephen Eckert. Film produced by Stephen Eckert

November 12, 2020. Mayor Hinz issues Proclamation No. 2020-2 Declaring a State of Emergency, Encouraging and Recommending Face Coverings, and Mandating Accessability and Face Coverings in City Buildings.

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Robins Derecho Tree Debris Clean-up

~The last day to place tree debris curbside for free collection was Tuesday September 29, 2020.

~As of Monday October 5, 2020 all curbside tree debris has been collected and no further collection will occur.

~The goal is to begin removing the tree debris mulch from South Troy Park by the end of this week. This process will take several weeks. South Troy Park is closed to everyone and will re-open next spring.

~Monday October 12 at 4:00 pm is the last time residents can deposit tree debris at South Troy Park.

Because tree debris has been collected, the Robins Burn Ban has been rescinded as of 
8 AM Thursday, October 8, 2020.   
This means we return to the open burning ordinance......if you are uncertain that your location is in an allowed "open burn" area contact Robins City Hall.

Recreational fires are allowed. 

The following guidelines have applied in the past and will continue to apply to recreational fires.

  1. Fires must be attended at all times
  2. There must be a means of extinguishment near the fire, such as a garden hose or fire extinguisher.
  3. Burn only clean dry wood.  Most storm debris is still "wet" and will produce considerable smoke. The burning of construction debris is specifically prohibited.
  4. Fire must be 25 feet from a structure, 15 feet if contained in a commercial container with a screen and lid or in a properly constructed fireplace.
  5. The Fire area can be no larger than 36 inches in diameter and 24" in height.
  6. Your fire and smoke should not interfere with neighbors.  IE smoke should not drift across their property.

The Fire Department has the right to order any fire extinguished if it does not meet this criteria, is deemed unsafe, or becomes a hazard.





City Hall is open to the public.

We ask you to stay away if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to Covid-19.

Masks are required.

Thank you.


Check out the Robins Civic Club Page Here

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Below is a video of the 2018 Robins Fireworks recorded by Steve Eckert at Thank you Steve. For the best audio results, use headphones.







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